Gold Shows

GOLD Shows are like live porn right before your eyes. Our elite models are performing their best on GOLD shows and exhibiting their talents for sex. A GOLD show is a live show that you can watch with the content decided by the model. Nude cam models are showing off their special sexual abilities and trust us when we say, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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Live Sex GOLD Shows

A GOLD show is a pre-paid show featuring our site’s most elite webcam models. We have the best models showing off their sexual talents on these special performances. Models select what they’re going to perform on these shows and then they set a goal token amount they want before they begin the show, as well as a time frame for waiting for that goal. You will tip a pre-determined individual entry fee, although if you want to speed things up and make sure you see the show, you can tip more. Once the model reaches their goal, the show will begin. All you need to do is sit back and relax, maybe with some lube or a tissue, and let the show excite you.

If the model does not reach their goal token amount within the timeframe, they have two choices. They can either do the show anyways, or they can cancel the show, and you’ll get your money back. If a model ends the show early, you will also get refunded.

A model can choose to do anything on these shows, but common GOLD shows include them indulging in their fetishes, engaging in roleplay, or riding sex machines.